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My name is Brandon Poonwasie (0660). I am in Group 3, along with Juliette Wileman (0875) Chrystal LI (0470) and Audrey King Lassman (0397).

If you'd like to view any of my A2 work, just click the labels on the right that include A2 in them, i.e. A2 Research and Planning and A2 Prelim.

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Sunday, 5 October 2014

4 Key Decisions: Audience

Originally we decided that our core audience would be 13 to 25 year old indie fans, but realised that this limited us too much to be our core audience, so we then decided that fans of the indie genre of all ages and genders would be better to use as a core audience, as it is very broad and would target the largest possible number of people who might be interested in our band.

Our secondary audience of 16 to 25 year old indie fans was helped by our original idea of an audience of 13 to 25 year olds, but was also chosen because we are that group and it would therefore be easier to understand the needs and desires of our audience. Again, it's not gender specific, and they are indie fans. Also, because this age group is one of the most prolific music consumer groups, they are among the most likely to listen to our band's new single.

Our tertiary audience is 13 to 16 year old indie fans, as this is the age where a lot of people begin experimenting with their music tastes and discover the indie genre.

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